Monday, November 3, 2014


Fin - Centaur Prince

And adolescent Centaur, Fin is the offspring and rightful prince that Euclid and Cloe produced. He is the nephew of Balkin, Euclid's brother. Fin is going through different changes within his species, from a foul to a bucking, full-fledged Centaur. He might be slender, but he will be a mighty leader. Within the Going off Dreams realm, he was the representative for his realm for Nyx and her posse. We haven't seen the last of Fin and his Centaur family.

In Going off Dreams Fin is introduced when a group of Centaurs come to the aide of Eryn and her friends, saving them from Banshee's. When they are brought to Pontus, for their brief stay, Fin acts as Ambassador between the different realms. Eryn and her troupe help aide Euclid with is brooding temperamental brother, which will cause issues later in the series. For their help, they gifted Eryn a bionic arm band that she keeps stored away.