Monday, November 3, 2014


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Gaia - Mother Earth

Gaia is head of The Greats, she pulls the counsel together when there is need of them. They are a collective group of deities that oversee the realms and help maintain order. She is described as an attractive strawberry blonde and while the other Greats have more intricate features, she is more down to earth. Someone you can feel at home with.

Going off Dreams Excerpt

"...she was visibly barefoot. She was wearing green khaki capris and she had on an empire waist white shirt. It hugged her well-endowed chest, it looked like a boat-neck, sleeveless, and flowing down to enhance her figure. Her skin was lighter than the others. I could see freckles kissing her flesh all over, the delicate placement most noticeably on her cheeks crossing over the bridge of her dainty nose. She had straight strawberry blonde hair that was cropped angling longer in the front, with complimenting bangs. She too crossed her legs. Her voice was soft and comforting as she spoke, “I’m sorry we hadn’t presented ourselves until now. You must have many questions.” She smiled at me and it seemed like everything was just fine; and I returned the smile.
“And I am Gaia, Mother Earth,” she said with less enthusiasm. “Now, dear one, what have you called upon us?”