Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 19

(image captured via Google search)

Shaw - Arduinna Clan

He is a bit of a mystery. Shaw belongs to the Arduinna clan, which in the first installment of Going off Dreams includes Arden, Diana, Shaw, Tane, and Vipin. Together they are an impenetrable defensive wall. They are fierce warriors with masterful weaponry and deadly skills. Where everyone can trace their lineage, if you were to inquire about Shaw there wouldn't be much information. However, if Arden and her clan trust him, than he's to be trusted. He doesn't say much - at all - but if he were to speak, people would listen. He's described as being tall, muscular, with light-brown hair. He's definitely someone you would want on your side of the fight though; definitely someone you don't want to piss off. If you look closely (if you get the change) he has plenty of scars that would probably be interesting to hear about, if he would talk and tell you - good luck though! If you were to get a look inside of his head, you would see that he likes his clanswoman Diana. Shaw is a mighty warrior - wielding an ancient boomerang and a magical whip. You would think talking to a woman wouldn't be that hard to do... but for him, he'd rather face a heard of Garmounds! The image looked interesting, but it's really difficult trying to find the perfect image that could capture what you perceive as the character. I liked most of his garments, this is why I picked this image.