Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 20

Tane - Arduinna Clan

(image captured via Google search)
The name Tane comes from Pacific or Polynesian mythology meaning "man" in Maori. Tane was the god of forests and light. Only seems reasonable that Tane would join the Arduinna Clan as a Guardian of the Light. However in Going off Dreams Tane is a deity and when I think about Tane I definitely pictured The Rock. With his tattoo's and his heritage, I thought it made a perfect fit. Within the realms Tane carries two ancient Sappara's and a magical whip. Much like the other Arduinna Clan members, their whips when unveiled, will lash out at those who oppose them much like the strike of a lizards tongue - with deadly precision. His Sappara's have been handed down through out all time, he uses them with masterful maneuvers, and he's never lost a fight. He's tall, muscular, almond colored skin, with tribal tattoo's upon his body. He has dark hair and dark eyes that can bore through your soul. He has a intimidating presence with a heart of gold. He is Tane, guardian of the forests and light.