Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Welcome! If you follow my blogs you know that I have a few. This particular blog I concentrate on my writing journey through self-publishing and beyond. I'm thrilled to start another year with the Insecure Writer's Support Group (IWSG), it is an amazing group! If you are a writer within the spectrum, I urge you to sign-up. Since I have been a member, I have received invaluable support, guidance, and have made great new virtual friends. What I love most about the group is the reassurance that I am not alone in this crazy journey. With this New Year we are to kick it off by introducing ourselves. 

My author name is K.E. Nowinsky but, if you didn't know the first initial stands for Kristy. I decided to publish under my maiden name, I've been divorced for a while now - did you know how crazy expensive it is to change your name back? Crazy! Anyway, I had originally wanted to keep my married name because I had a son. His name was Kaleb and he had special needs, he passed in 2013. It's been a very difficult adjustment, I know I'm blessed with supportive family and friends that have seen me through these dark times. In the light however, I have found an outlet for my creativity, and that was through writing. Through this journey, I feel that I am making small strides forward, learning as I go. What I have to keep reminding myself is that, while it might seem slow to me, it is still a forward progression.


With each little step forward I am learning, every day it seems something new, and I consider that a great day! While some believed that I should focus more on the first book to build readers and interest, other's in this field seem to suggest to keep pumping out books - the more the better. I think I sort of stayed in the middle. With that being said, my writing goal for 2015 is to self-publish two more titles. Then I will have four titles under my belt. Recently I had heard that sales increase for authors when they have at least three titles. What do you think?