Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Writer's Side

For the past month I've been anxious and a little terrified! I finally released my second book and while I'm excited with my accomplishment, I'm also starting to get really nervous. I know I'm suppose to write for myself and I shouldn't really care what other's think but, in all honesty how could I not care about what other's think? This time around I really listened to what other's suggested from before and I took more time and a lot more effort went into the second book. With my first book I wrote it and reviewed it slightly, I was too excited though and published it before really combing through it or even caring about the cover. After all, we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover right? Well, we've learned that this isn't so much the case. So, in hoping to help create that sturdy foundation in the second book I paid for an editor and coordinated for a better looking cover. Which, actually didn't produce the outcome that we had anticipated or hoped. But, at least the passion and effort was invested.

So, when the second book came around, I feel like I put so much more into it. I really worked with the story and composition. In the cover wars, I even downloaded and learned a great program in an attempt to have a better cover and to create some teasers and other trinkets of visual displays of pleasure. I just feel that I've earned those stripes to title myself as a writer. However, I have to vent a little and I want to know what you think about this too. Recently there was a post out there in the digital realm asking if grammatical mistakes interrupt the reader, and at what point does it turn the reader off. It was a little disheartening to read how readers will totally dismiss a story based on a few grammatical errors. I know I've read plenty of books with a few here and there but, I didn't let it deter from the story (especially if it was a good one). I can understand if there were tons of mistakes and the story wasn't good enough either that a reader could be turned off. 

Maybe I'm just sensitive to this arena because I am an independent author, I don't have a team of people hired by a traditional publishing firm combing through my work. Not that I've given up on hiring an editor either, although my last experience wasn't a great one, I know it shouldn't keep me from pursuing perfection. My point being that I think, or at least it's to my understanding, that most independent authors price their books much lower, in an attempt to both compete with the traditional publishers and because there might be a few mistakes here and there. So please, don't throw us to the wolves if we make a few mistakes...

I just want my readers to know that I appreciate their patience, understanding, and support!