Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I haven't written in a few months, okay, since the New Year. Thought I would reemerge for the Insecure Writer's Support Group monthly meeting. Hello, my name is Kristy and I'm... oh wait, wrong one! Thank you to Alex Cavanaugh and the rest of the IWSG team for all of their hard work and dedication in helping us through these rough and troubled waters.

When I write I fully immerse myself within the process and I tend to go a little crazy - who doesn't, right? So, I decided to step back from the creative gantlet for a while... a few months later and I'm back trying to get in the swing of things. I hadn't noticed before how much of my writing life revolved around social networking. I remember after self-publishing my first book I searched on-line for different tips and tricks about marketing and promoting my work. The very first thing across the board was blogging and hence forth I became a blogger. Now my titles include Author, Writer, and Blogger. It's a lot to try to live up to (in my head) with little to no rewards (if you know what I mean). So, here I am, two years and two books later, and I'm still wondering what can I do to help promote my work. Is the answer still blogging?

My goal this week was to get back to writing, since the kids are back in school (I might not have children, but I watch my two nieces during the week), and while I haven't worked on my current WIP (work in progress), I did sit down and pound out a blog posting - which, hey - is an accomplishment in my book! And now, here I am working on this post too, so double-score! Plus, everyone's writing process is different. It seems that I'm either charging full-steam ahead or I'm letting the creative juices simmer, and that seems to be where I am right now - simmering. Am I upset that I haven't made my goals for the past few months? Absolutely not. I learned early on not to beat myself up, and experiencing trauma like I have, you learn that some things in life just aren't worth worrying over. You just have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Here is a question I have, it might seem foolish to some, and to someone else it could be totally relatable (I know auto spellcheck, relatable isn't one of your "real words", I get it) thank God Google gets me. Anywhoie' (Jesus! Anywhoie isn't a real word either? Well, it should be.) Anyway, *sigh of defeat* I've noticed in these months that I've taken a break a current theme among my fellow author friends and that's drinking while writing. So, my question is this: Do you prefer the adage "write drunk, edit sober" to be true and/or beneficial to your writing process? I was thinking I might give it a go *wink*.