Friday, October 4, 2013

Casting Call

We will be relaunching Going off Dreams really soon. In anticipation we are working on the book covers and trailers. We are looking for models/actors for future book covers, trailers, and webisodes.

Looking for an auburn to brown hair 20'something male. In shape with strong facial features. Reference: James McAvoy. Character Bio: love interest for main protagonist, protective, smart (it's a running joke that he's a know-it-all). The character's name is Tobar (pronounced toe-bar). Has an addictive attractive wicked grin.

Medium to athletic build 20'something male. Blond'ish colored hair and average facial features. Reference: Garrett Hedlund. Character Bio: office working regular "Joe", charming, and caring. Love interest for main protagonist (yes there are two) - the guy-next-door chasing after the girl. Character's name is Ryan.

Slender to athletic framed 20'something male. Suggestive of Asian decent (in the book he is described as Asian). Dark hair and eyes. Reference: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Character Bio: shape-shifting phoenix. Eager for a fight, tactfully trained in the art of war, quiet but dangerous. Has a fire behind his eyes.

Tall, lean, athletic build 20'something male. Black hair - heart
wrenching blue eyes. Reference: Ian Somerhalder. Character Bio: shape-shifting blue eyed black dragon. Flirtatious, witty, and trustworthy.

Caramel coloring 20'something, black hair and dark eyes, female of African American descent. Not thin but toned, attractive curves. Character Bio: air deity named Aella, very flirtatious bi-sexual with fiery charm.

Athletic build 20'something, very attractive female willing to undergo extensive make-up. Character Bio: Halia is a water deity with blue skin, black hair and eyes.

Tanned, toned, womanly figure 20'something, long black billowing hair (purple) eyes. Female of Native American descent. Character Bio: Arden has all the benefits of the big sister attitude, protector, loving, and supportive. Uses a bow and whip. She is someone you want by your side in a tight-spot, she can hold her own.

There are numerous other characters as well, if you think you qualify for any of these characters and/or want to take part in book covers, book trailers, webisodes and possibly even more! Leave a comment or email or private message through Our production staff will be in contact. Please share and spread the word. These are independent projects that we want to promote through Kickstarter.

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