Monday, November 3, 2014


Galen is a semi-known healer who is introduced through Enki as someone who could help Nyx and her cause. However, she finds him with Xylo when they go to rescue Tobar. When Galen discovers Nyx he helps her to find Tobar and helps them escape. It is unclear whether or not Xylo had Galen there as a prisoner or something else. But, he quickly goes with them back to Aella's Galley and joins them further into their continuing quest through For All in the Hope.

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Galen is an entity that has arrived in Tartarus, much like other beings have come to be there, he doesn't know anything about where he came from or why he's there. When he first arrived he was on his own, where Eryn had Tobar to help guide her through the realm, Galen didn't have any assistance until he found Enki in Tartarus gathering different specimens for his collection he had back in his realm. He saw something in Galen and took him under his wing, staying in Tartarus with him until he was capable of cross traveling through realms. Galen, desperate for acceptance and knowledge of the realm, was eager to please Enki and was quick to learn various healing techniques. Galen hadn't been heard from since Enki had sent him on a mission to obtain a specific specimen, until now...