Tuesday, November 4, 2014


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Halia - Water Deity

One of the first beings that Eryn meets within the realms. Halia is more reserved than most of the other Guardians of the Light. She is a descendant of Pontus and as we get to know her more, we will learn her origins and Atlantis. She also has a taste for Eryn's tears, it's almost euphoric for her. But she would never consider the intimate gesture toward her friend as a reassurance or even acceptable behavior. She develops more intimate feelings for her clansman Nahal, however their way of life is not monogamous. Halia is a vicious fighter, she alone can take down a pod of Kappas by herself. She gifts Eryn with a mirror that she materialized from her whirling pool, this helps Eryn when she goes to concur the Black Beast.
In For All in the Hope Halia continues to support Nyx in her quests. Halia is still involved with Nahal, but it's more of a behind the scenes thing. Halia is inverted, so she doesn't openly talk about her feelings or what is going on with her. She knows that she is there to provide support for Nyx and her missions. Since she is devoted to Nyx, she is also a member of the Guardians of the Light.
Halia's Father is Pontus, a demanding and ancient sea entity who was also the reason Atlantis, Halia's home, is still undiscovered to mortals to this day. Halia's mother Thalassa, a sea deity, remains in Atlantis imprisoned by Halia's father.