Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hikmat - 

(image captured via Google search)

He's tall, dark, and handsome. He can easily charm his way through any situation. He's a healer and has knowledge within the realms and different species. Hikmat is an ally to Nyx and her crew. "The man addressing everyone was a tall man, his hair wasn't short, I wouldn't consider it long either; it was black, thick, and had curl to it. His skin was the color of almonds and his eyes were very dark. He was gorgeous too - of course I hadn't met anyone here that wasn't." Excerpt Going off Dreams
In For All in the Hope Hikmat continues his support to Nyx and her quests. When anyone is hurt, he's there to lend his healing abilities. Hikmat is a natural born leader, he easily commands a room with his strong presence. Even though he has the personality that easily leads, he's horrible with his personal feelings. Behind the scenes he has feelings for Avlov (the White Weiven), he's still exploring his feelings. He's not sure when or where he started to have romantic feelings to a witch, which he considers beneath him even though he values her abilities. Besides, he's not blind - Hikmat has noticed Avlov and Enki often in close communications with one another. However, he also knows that Enki has been known to have a relationship with his friend Galen, so he question's Enki's intent with Avlov and is keeping a close eye on him...