Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 18

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Ritika - Water Deity

She's a young deity, shy, and somewhat naive. Ritika fights alongside Halia and Nahal; who are both very powerful water deities. They have taken the young Ritika under their wings, so to speak, to teach her their masterful ways. She's petite, with long black hair and black shark like eyes that all the water deities seem to have. Along with the black eyes, her skin also is the same color as their given terrain.

Excerpt from Going off Dreams

She dove into the water, and I could see her going after a grouping, there were five of the creatures. They were the beasts known as Kappas, they had the turtle shells, and their faces looked like that of a Komodo dragon. There lizard like tongues kept coming out and licking through the water. Halia was swimming faster than they were and when she was near the last in the grouping she was quick, she was quicker than they were moving. Her hands took hold of the shell, she wrapped her legs around the beast, and she ripped off the shell. The Kappa started to claw at her; but, it did nothing to Halia’s skin. She twisted the creature’s neck and it went limp; she dropped the creature and it sunk onto the bottom, where it laid motionless.
Then she took out something. At first it looked like an oversized clam shell, then I noticed that it was shaped more like a fan. She flung it through the water, it moved quickly and it sliced through another Kappa that was trying to swim away. She still had the shell of the Kappa, the one she had torn off, and she took off in the water toward the remaining beasts.
The water was littered with blood; Halia wasn’t alone. I hadn’t notice that she had others with her. One went swimming so fast past her, it went swooshing by; I could hear all different water noises.
As he went swimming by, I could hear him say, “I’ll get the rest!” It was definitely a male voice, it sounded like it was under water yet so much clearer.
Another being swam past her, and you could hear this person say, “Save one for me!” It was female, all I could see were bubbles when they flashed by, I thought I saw a glimpse of something black.
Halia took off then and said, “There’s one left for each of us, that’s if Nah hasn’t gotten them already!”
She caught up to the scene, there was a man, and he was very fit. I could tell he had dark hair, and he was wearing a dark shirt; it looked like he was wearing jeans, which aren’t easy to swim in. He was barefoot though, and his feet looked dark too, like Halia’s. He snapped the Kappa’s neck and let it drop beneath him.
There was a beautiful woman, she had long dark hair, it was floating in the water all around her as she was fighting the Kappa, the male known as Nah’ swam over to her.
“I’ve got it!” she said desperately, and he backed away.
Halia had caught up to the last Kappa, she swam in front of it, and it stopped when it saw her before him. She gave it her frightening wicked grin, and its tongue lashed out at her. She quickly brought up the shell, and this made the Kappa outraged and it went to attack her. Halia quickly wrapped her long legs around the beast, and with one hand she was holding the Kappa’s head, and with the other arm she was using the shell to bash the beasts head; she did this until the shell busted apart.
Nah caught up with her, and once he saw the scene he flashed a wicked smile too. The creature went limp, and then she carelessly snapped its neck. Both Halia and Nah swam back to the other woman that had been struggling with the Kappa.
“Oh, come on!” She was smaller than the other two, she kept trying to use her legs to wrap around the creature like Halia, but couldn’t. Then the beasts tongue quickly whipped her neck and the girl screamed.
Nah and Halia swam viciously toward her. She went limp in the water, and Halia caught her as Nah caught up to the Kappa. Nah made quick work of the beast, and snapped his neck. He tore off its huge tortuous shell and then started swimming back toward the women.
The girl started jerking in Halia’s arms, and Halia’s face looked frantic; she started swimming upward with the small woman. Nah caught up with her as she broke the surface. They got to the shoreline in no time. It looked like it was going to be rough, the foliage was thick and there didn’t seem to be any break where they could walk through. Nah threw the huge shell onto the embankment and then he picked the woman up and placed her within the shell. It was nothing for Halia and Nah, they were walking through the overgrowth, they each supported a side of the shell and they were running very fast through the forest.
They weren't speaking; I could only hear their fast breathing. Then I saw Aella; Halia yelled, "There's not time to explain, we have to get her to the healers now!" Halia was beside herself, I had never seen her so upset. I could see Aella wave behind her, like come on, I didn't know to whom though. Then I saw a couple other people fly up to the scene. Two women both with shoulder length blonde hair flew up, they grabbed where Nah had been supporting. Aella and another woman flew next to her and they took Halia as they flew upwards, and they were gone. Halia and Nah stopped where they were; they were bent over trying to catch their breath. Then they started looking around, and they took off running again. It seemed as if the lightning or fire flashes had stopped all together.