Monday, November 3, 2014


Morgan Denny - Going off Dreams book cover model


Eryn is short for Katheryn, she was born in the Earthly realm and is in her late 20's early 30's. She's been through a lot and because she's persevered she is the wiser. She's had her number of broken relationships, some of them more turbulent than others. She has auburn hair with peek-a-boo blonde highlights, and other enhancements to her hair that she would joke that her color would be calico. She's of average weight and height, but she's beautiful. She has beautiful green eyes and full formed lips. She's of Dutch, Irish and Native American descent. She might not have a gang of friends within her earthly realm, but those that she does have she keeps close and protective of those she loves. She's the type of person that could make a great spy, in a way; you could tell her something in confidence and nothing could make her say anything. Eryn keeps to herself mainly, but she loves to spend time with her family. She has loving parents that raised her with strong morals. They've supported their eldest daughter and would be dedicated, loving parents until they drew their last breaths. Eryn has a younger sister Lena, they are close although if they had not been sisters, it's more likely they would not have been friends. Eryn's world gets turned upside down when she starts having dreams that feel so real. Could they be real? Invest in the quest! Check out Going off Dreams.

In For All in the Hope Eryn has to come to grips with leaving what she knows and loves behind as she evolves into the deity Nyx, a powerful entity charged with the quest to Fight the Darkness - she's been brought to Tartarus to bring light to the darkness. Her powers manipulate Aether - which have been said is the substance that God used to create the universe, reams, worlds and everything we know and love. Along with aether, Nyx can produce a light which comes in handy when vanquishing the horrific Garmond Vamparic Clans. 
She continues her romantic escapades with Ryan in the earthly realm and is conscious of the affect it could have with the man she loves in Tartarus, Tobar. With his absence, she sets out to rescue Tobar from the clutches of Xylo (Woodland Dryad) and other sinister entities...