Monday, November 3, 2014


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Enki is from the realm Ker-Ys (pronounced Kay-ear-is) which has been said to be the most exquisite realm with crystal blue waters and cool light-sand beaches, with dense woodland and gorgeous waterfalls. The realm has stars shining in the sky at all times, even during the two sun days and three-cycled moon nights. Enki's castle is centered in Ker-Ys and is surrounded by bronze walls. When the third moon is in it's highest cycle, the waves can be heard against the castle walls giving life to the rest of the island. Enki is a descendant of the mighty Babylonians and has been revered as the deity within wisdom that can manipulate water. He is also known as the keeper of the divine laws within all the realms. He has a vast knowledge base and can manipulate most things with his mighty knowledge. He is a well versed healer, he can place his hands upon someone and begin to internally diagnose and heal the injured. He's described as "a tall masculine bald guy." He comes into Going off Dreams after the woodland dryad Xylo is captured. Enki comes to offer his abilities to the Guardians of the Light. He's quiet, but carries himself with dignity and authority.