Monday, November 3, 2014



(image captured via Google search)
Diana is a clans-woman of Arduinna; Arden's Clan. She is summoned by Arden to help fight against those that are aligning for the darkness within the realms. She's petite, but don't let her size fool you. Just like her sister in arms Arden, she packs quite a punch! She's a born fighter and descendant of Diana goddess of the hunt, her namesake. She's a blonde bomb shell and has addictive brown eyes, just as her name is defined, she is heavenly and divine. She wields a whip, much like the Arduinnan Clan and also a Schöninger Speere. These help her to keep the woodland baddies away. The spear is an ancient weapon created from a tree within Eden, before the gates were closed. The spear head is wielded from an impenetrable substance that will cause serious damage to anything it is tempted with. When Diana is using her Speere it glows, giving it a magnificent view when she's fighting within the dark realm of Tartarus. She is well trained within the techniques of the Qiang Shaolin techniques, as well as others. This gives her a master presence and to watch her using her weapon in war is like watching fine art, but more entertaining.

"She introduced the woman with the short light hair; she had brown eyes and she was petite, her name was Diana. She was a spit-fire, she was really feisty. But, I knew she was a good friend to have, I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side.Going off Dreams