Monday, November 3, 2014


The body of a Clydesdale
(image captured via Google search)
Balkan is a strong character within the realm named after the god Pontus, in Going off Dreams. Where we first meet Balkan is on the seashell castled island fortress of his brothers, Euclid. He has the black body of a mighty Clydesdale and the muscular body that would lead nations into battle. Plainly stated, he's a hot-headed brute. Balkan butts heads with Nyx and her crew and while they were able to put him in his place, I feel that this wasn't the last of Balkan, he will return for vengeance. 

Upper torso hotness
(image captured via Google search)
When I imagine Balkan, I see a very muscular male (for the torso portion of the creature) that can be very expressive. He's only in the story shortly, but his desire for his people and their ways is an intricate and woven within him. As a mighty General, he has led those he loves and respects into battle and have lost. This pain haunts him and it's not easy for him to trust newcomers into their safe haven. Meanwhile, in his attempt to keep his species going (after the loss they have encountered) he has sought allies (unbeknownst to his King, his brother) within the darker perspective; that darkness is rooting within, what use to be a proud, good soldier will develop into a darker character.

Balkan does not make an appearance in For All in the Hope. Centaurs will reemerge later in the series.