Monday, November 3, 2014



(Image captured via Google search)
He is the black beast that is threatening Nyx and her quest in the first installment of the Going off Dreams Saga. The legend has it that he is of biblical descent and there is a long history of a torn romance. Because of his choices and thirst for blood, the heinous crimes against his legacy results in his deformity. His vampirism turns him into the Black Beast that he is known for and the leader of those that fight for the darkness within the realms of Tartarus.

"Chernobog... let me see. He's a dark being... vampire descent I believe. I see, he lives in the 2nd layer of the realm Tartaurus... a vampire realm, Otlen..." (Mother Hemera, Going off Dreams)

Where he was once a beautiful male specimen, his features have been distorted. His smooth skin now is patched with hairy clusters of blood sodden thick hide. His teeth cluttered, sharpened into fangs, where drool escapes his malformation of a mouth. Because he chose to drink from beasts, he also took the shape of those he drank from. The horns he bares on his head look like they are a weight that weighs him down more than we know. His eyes look pained from the life of torture he has lived, his negativity and wickedness claimed him long before he could turn the corner. This has claimed his soul and forever changed him into the beast he is today. The picture is a 'pretty' reference. We couldn't find anything on-line that depicted the character within the series.

In For All in the Hope Nyx comes face-to-face with the Black Beast but, does she vanquish him all together? What we do know is that Xylo was working for Chernobog and more sinister forces get involved as well (which will lead to other entities that are after Nyx and her powers). There is a sad side to Chernobog's story and we unravel this more in the second installment with the help of his jilted lover, Sekhat. Is she helping Nyx to get back at Chernobog, or is she there for other alternative purposes? The timing might seem more than just convenient since Tobar could use some guidance from her as well.