Monday, November 3, 2014


Aeon - Time Traveler

He's described as having ruffled sandy colored hair and brown eyes. When I think of Aeon I think of a hot, fit, and toned guy heading to the beach to catch some waves. Aeon has a heart of gold and while he can be flirtatious, he doesn't have a clue just how attractive he is; which makes him that more deliciously yummy. When I was writing Aeon I imaged Ryan Kwanten, the Australian hottie that portrays Jason on HBO's True Blood series. 
In Going off Dreams Aeon is more-or-less assigned to Eryn to help her travel through the different realms. Within our earthly realm we would probably consider this a form of time travel. Within the vast realms it's called Khronosis, it's the inner galactic time space continuum and there are designated manipulators that have the authority to travel through it. Aeon enjoys visiting the earthly realms to learn more about the day-to-day activities. He also a little bit' of a neat freak, but it all adds into his charm and warmth. He's such a lovable character.
For All in the Hope Aeon seems more connected with Nyx as he has to accompany her between realms until she learns how to use the locket she's been given. He's more present and seems to be a rock in her teetering realities. He's that constant that keeps her conscious from shattering at times. It doesn't hurt either that he's gorgeous! And he definitely doesn't mind, he's that big brother that you love to pal around with! He's courteous and understanding, which are characteristics in a male that seem harder and harder to find. Aeon's that shoulder to lean on and someone who will be there for you through the storms. Aeon seems to connect on a more intimate level with Nyx's Guardian Angel Elaynna, when they return to the Earth realm with Nyx for the Christmas holiday, there are definite sparks that they can't deny. 
As a Time Traveler, Aeon has had to undergo extensive training in Khronosis (think Harry Potter and instead of witches and wizards, he was among other magical time traveling beings). Not everyone is cut out to be a Time Traveler and you have to devote everything to the process. Those that condition themselves for Khronosis have to utilize their entire brain, where humans only have been known to use 10% of theirs. It could be why Aeon finds material things and such in the Earthly realm so fascinating, he hasn't really had much time or exposure before.