Monday, November 3, 2014


Avlov - White Weiven

(Image Captured via Google)
In mythology, the White Weiven is also known as the White Witch. Avlov is a powerful witch who manipulates her surroundings for the good in magic, as a White Weiven, she's completely white. A fun factoid about Avlov is that she wears white Converse high-tops, because she values their comfort. Otherwise, she wears white flowing frocks that mach her white flowing hair. Her eyes tend to give her an even more creepy factor, because they are white as well. Weiven's are also knows for their vast knowledge, and hence they use this knowledge toward their magical abilities. Avlov wields a magical wand that can help her with more stressful situations, like when she takes on fully powered Minotaur's! She enjoys her pipe that she utilizes more when she's stressed to take the edge off, along with her special teas. Avlov can also communicate with others without speaking a word; telepathically. Usually those around her look to her for knowledge and guidance.
In Going off Dreams we're introduced to Avlov when Tobar and Eryn arrive at her dwelling. To get to her caved den you have to go through a maze of hedges and foliage. Within her den she always has a huge roaring fire where she bakes and makes her relaxation teas. She uses her special abilities to get inside of your conscious (and even sub conscious), which can come in handy when interrogating others. Her knowledge of the realms and materials within them gives her the ability to concoct different potions, salves, and magical elements for healing and for other uses. 
It's quite the mystery where Avlov originated or where she's from. All we know is that she has always been in the dark realm Tartarus. Usually, when entities come to the dark realm or are transported there, they know nothing of their past lives (except Elementals). Even with her vast knowledge, she can't unravel her origins or anything from her past - which has only fed more into her hunger for knowledge.
She decides to continue helping Nyx, who she's grown quite fond of. Usually Avlov is quite the recluse but, she emerges for a good cause every now and then. She sees the good in Nyx and decides to help her on her quest.
Within For All in the Hope, she continues to help and desperately tries to protect Nyx, even from herself. Avlov steps back however when she senses a sinister presence among them to investigate further.