Monday, November 3, 2014


Arden - Guardian of the Forest

Guardians have been around since the dawn of time, her lineage is a prestigious one, and her demeanor depicts someone of such grace. She would be described as a loyal friend and is close with Eryn, sort of her big sister; protective. She wields an ancient crossbow from her ancestor, the goddess Diana and a magical whip that she named Kiki. As a descendant of Diana, she is a masterful huntress and someone who can lead the war against those of The Darkness. She's empathetic and powerful in her own right. Within her realm, she is responsible for the forest nymphs who, to the naked eye look like sweet forest animals, but to those that know better, they take more homo-sapiens form. Arden's tribe is called the Adruinians, who have been charged with guarding the forests. When another member of The Guardians of the Light becomes a love interest, it throws Arden for a loop and now she has to deal with something she's not use to fighting - herself.

Arden is described as having billowing black hair with light caramel colored skin (Native American descent). Her eyes are magical deep purple and her fighting skills are unmatched. She's the perfect ally for Nyx in her quest in the dark realm of Tartarus. During her time, he befriends Tobar (who is more like an annoying younger brother to her) but, she gets romantically involved with another of the Guardians, Zhou (a phoenix shifter). This won't bode well back within her home realm, where her lineage will require her to mate with a deity to produce an heir to continue to blood lines. To say that their relationship won't be acceptable is an understatement. But, for now - they're escaping their own realities to find that little bit of happiness in an apocalyptic era. 
Until she has to return to her home realm, she's accompanying Nyx on her quest offering her abilities. One of those special features is her unique bow and arrow, it will hit any target and has a magnificent way of communicating; they can attach a message to the arrows and it will reach the required addressee. They utilize this frequently when communicating between one another or when trying to contact other entities. 
Arden leads her fellow clansmen and women that have joined her in the quest to fight the darkness; Diana, Vane, and Shaw join her at times. Together they ban together and are a force all their own.