Monday, November 3, 2014


Aella - Air Deity

(Images Captured via Google)
She's feisty, flirtatious, and fun; someone you definitely want on your side. Aella is part of The Guardians of the Light (which is defined in the second book, titled For All in the Hope). She's introduced in Going off Dreams and once she meets the main protagonist, Eryn, she's an immediate friend. She's an ally and someone who would go to the end of the realms for her family and friends. She enthusiastic of the adventure that comes with the territory and she is invested in the quest. 
As an air deity she can manipulate the air which can be very dangerous for those she opposes. She is described as someone that might have the perfect woman figure, not skinny, but not chunky either. Her beautiful ebony skin fits her curves perfectly, think younger Beyonce. She has a flair for what she likes, and is comfortable in too. One minute she might be sporting shorts, the next a mini-skirt. She does prefer her hair short, then again if you had wind whipping around you all the time you would want short hair too. 
Aella likes to stir the pot, she has a devilish streak at times. I would think that Aella's theme song would be "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by the legendary Cindi Lauper. She's an elite within the Air Deity status, much like her friend Halia, she comes from a long lineage of powerful entities. Her father Shu, was known as "The Wind" among their people. He was the calm before the storm with his daughter, while he's blind to her antics, if she was in real trouble the realms would quiver if he were to come to her aide. Aella's mother's name is Olan, cherished daughter of Olorun who has been described as "the man with many voices that carry on the wind." The complete opposite of her daughter, Olan is quiet and move with more elegance - where Aella saunters around as if wielding the air with her seductive hips.
While Aella has never had a long-term relationship, it is well known through the realms that she's bi-sexual. She finds beauty in both males and females and shows the universal expression of love through her sexual escapades. She chooses her lovers very carefully though, she isn't promiscuous, sleeping with just anyone - she's actually selective and doesn't just take anyone into her Galley chambers.
Aella's Galley is a magical pirate ship that was a gift from her loving parents. They are quite proud of her for coming to the aide of the Dark Realm and would support her however she needed. The Galley looks like a romantic pirate ship, the sails are billowing red silken fabrics that will form furniture on her Galley's decks as well (for any company that may come aboard). When you are first welcomed on the ship, you are introduced to long soft golden blades of grass that are full of a pollen like substance that will relax your conscious. Below the decks, the Galley's wooden planks give way to form roomed quarters and can be manipulated to suit to her guests needs.
As of late, she can be found with the Guardians of the Light: a selected group of powerful entities that have banned around Nyx to help fight the darkness of Tartarus. She's supportive and considers her new friends like family and willingly goes into battles in the hope of defeating those that want darkness to reign. She recruits fellow air deities to their cause, her Sisters in Arms; twins Ilma and Ilmataur, and Nephthys.