Tuesday, October 28, 2014


For All in the Hope Book Blurb

Eryn's life would be simpler if she could be the protective older sister and go about a normal life within a realm that she knows and understands. As Nyx an immortal deity, she has powers over aether, even the wisest among them fear her capabilities. They are hesitant to let her rescue Tobar, the one man that she couldn't live without. Conflict arises as mortal Eryn has to come to grips with her new identity as Nyx in the dark realm Tartarus, leaving what she knows behind. Could her past on Earth affect her future within the new realms with the entities she loves the most?

Book two of the Going off Dreams saga follows Nyx as she evolves into a powerful being, through sacrifice and her altruistic characteristics as she races to rescue Tobar from the clutches of the maniacal Xylo, the woodland Dryad who is working for a more sinister identity. The quest continues with her troupe of flirtatious Shifters, Elementals, the intellectual magical Withces and Wizards, and introducing the Hollow Seraph's - a group of mischievous Angels.