Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 9

Ilma & Ilmataur - Twin Air Deities

Ilma and Ilmataur are twin air deities that come to the aide of Aella when they are rallying entities for battle against the wicked woodland dryad. The twins are pretty identical, but if you look closely, you can see the differences. Ilma is the more outspoken of the two, and while they love to dress a like, they both accentuate with their own flare. Ilmataur would sometimes be found sporting bright colored streaks through her blond hair, while her sister, not really liking the idea would go along with it - because she feels more pulled for them to remain identical twins. They can feel each other from miles, even realm, apart. A unique feature, they both have one green eye and one blue eye.

Excerpt Going off Dreams

They weren’t speaking; I could only hear their fast breathing. Then I saw Aella; Halia yelled, “There’s no time to explain, we have to get her to the healers now!” Halia was beside herself, I had never seen her so upset. I could see Aella wave behind her, like come on, I didn’t know to whom though. Then I saw a couple other people fly up to the scene. Two women both with shoulder length blonde hair flew up, they grabbed where Nah had been supporting. Aella and another woman flew next to her and they took Halia as they flew upward, and they were gone. Halia and Nah stopped where they were; they were bent over trying to catch their breath. Then they started looking around, and they took off running again. It seemed as if the lightning or fire flashes had stopped all together.

Aella came over with her group; she congratulated me and introduced her friends. The twin’s names were Ilma and Ilmataur; they were the women that had shoulder length blond hair with bangs. At closer look I could now see they both had one green eye and one blue eye each. The other woman with Aella was Nephthys, she had very long black hair with bangs too, and she had dark almost black eyes. They were all very nice and friendly, they liked to tease and flirt just like their friend Aella; they were fun to have around though.