Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 8

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Halia - Water Deity

One of the first beings that Eryn meets within the realms. Halia is more reserved than most of the other Guardians of the Light. She is a descendant of Pondus and as we get to know her more, we will learn her origins and Atlantis. She also has a taste for Eryn's tears, it's almost euphoric for her. But she would never consider the intimate gesture toward her friend as a reassurance or even acceptable behavior. She develops more intimate feelings for her clansman Nahal, however their way of life is not monogamous. Halia is a vicious fighter, she alone can take down a pod of Kappas by herself. She gifts Eryn with a mirror that she materialized from her whirling pool, this helps Eryn when she goes to concur the Black Beast.

Going off Dreams Excerpt

The other was submerged in the water … her skin seemed tough and was a pale shade of blue. Her feet were a darker blue that blended into her other tones.
Her eyes though, were a dark color, they almost looked black … quite scary at first. She had a small pouty mouth. Full cheeks and a smaller figured body.
Her top looked like it had some sort of sparkles in it, milky or murky stars mixed and soft. It looked like a three-quarter sleeved outfit – and from what I could tell continued downwards, it could be a dress.
She had a brilliant smile that lit up her face and I didn’t feel as threatened. She was very pretty with long, full black hair. She was striking to behold.
Tobar extended his arm toward the entity in the water. “This is Halia.” He took her hand and she easily stepped out of the water.
Her dress stopped about an inch above her knees, and she was model material. Minus the freak show of the discoloration of her skin and such. Nevertheless, someone you couldn’t keep your eyes off. She approached me and extended her hand toward me in an awkward way. Like when Sleeping Beauty was getting ready to prick her hand upon the spinning wheel.
She stopped and turned toward Tobar. In her faint voice, she summoned him. “Arden mentioned she’s a little, sparky.” Then she turned to me and put her hand down. “How are you feeling, dear?” she asked.
“I’m good, thank you. How are you?” I said, the automated response I knew too well.
“It’s okay, she won’t hurt you.” Tobar stepped around us, and I didn’t know what exactly they were talking about. The electrical charges … she doesn’t want to be jolted.
So I closed my eyes, and tried to imagine Halia, extending her hand and touching me. When I opened my eyes she was looking at me like a toddler would look at a stack of presents on Christmas morning … and I’m sure I looked like the turkey before it became the Thanksgiving dinner!
She quickly brought up her hand and touched my cheek. I relaxed and she stepped closer. Her touch was cold, like the water, her eyes were enchanting, though. I could tell her soul was old, but good. Even though she wasn’t a vampire, she moved fast, and looked at me like a vamp would look at their meal.
       “She’s very special,” Halia whispered; even though it was faint, you could hear her clearly. “You must come and be introduced!” She was speaking to her friend. She too had an accent, but I couldn’t place it. Nothing I had heard before.
Even though she could be scary, once I opened up to her, I knew we would be good friends.

Hikmat - 

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He's tall, dark, and handsome. He can easily charm his way through any situation. He's a healer and has knowledge within the realms and different species. Hikmat is an ally to Nyx and her crew. "The man addressing everyone was a tall man, his hair wasn't short, I wouldn't consider it long either; it was black, thick, and had curl to it. His skin was the color of almonds and his eyes were very dark. He was gorgeous too - of course I hadn't met anyone here that wasn't." Excerpt Going off Dreams