Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 26

Zephyrus - Mother Wind

Zephyrus is Aella's Aunt and is also known among The Greats as Mother Wind. Where Aella is flirty and vivacious, Zephyrus is easily excitable but also has a timeless elegance about her. Within the realms, the chairs belonging to The Great have been obtained through knowledge and experience. Zephyrus is a very old deity within the realms. Zephyrus' chair was obtained more as a punishment for her. Over time the punishment was forgotten and she remained in the chair because she is formidable, and well respected within the realms. The legend has it that long ago, when He banished deities and His other servants from certain realms, because of their interaction within the species there, Zephyrus defied Him and begged for his mercy for her love. He could not turn her away like other oppositional beings, such as Lucifer. Zephyrus was filled with love, which He considers a true and great gift. He could not punish her for this. So, to distract her heart He assigned her to sit upon The Greats counsel, and there she has been ever since. The being that had her love has long perished since then, but she still retains those memories and it still makes her soar with delighted. She is Zephyrus, deity of wind, and deliverer of enlightenment. 

Excerpt/Descriptive of Mother Wind from Going off Dreams

"Next was in the feather bottomed chair; the image reminded me of the classic ladies in the old movies, dancing around in the flowing gowns, with their feet gliding through the air. Her dress was white up top shading down to a beautiful blue. Her hair was done to suit the timeless classic style. There was baby’s breath in her hair, when the light caught the little white flowers they would sparkle. A classic beauty, her hair was dark, and she was very tan. As she sat, she ran her hands up her forearms and stopped right above her elbows. Once her hand slid over her skin, it seemed like white gloves appeared. After she did this she smiled directly at me and her smile was gorgeous, too."