Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 25

Have You gotten your copy of Going off Dreams yet?
What are You waiting for!
Since there are no Y characters within the realm either, I decided to include more information about the story line and what's to come in the next installment For All in the Hope

The Going off Dreams - Nightdream (Book I) in the series introduces you to ever-day young woman Eryn. She is close with her parents and her younger sister Lean. In the beginning they are getting ready for Lena's wedding. Tragedy strikes though and when Lena calls off the wedding the family rally's along one another as Lena moves in with her big sis Eryn. After a night out at a bar, Eryn meets Ryan who she start seeing. Lena is on the rebound, but she has a good head on her shoulders. 

Meanwhile, Eryn has been having all sorts of funky dreams about different beings and something eminent. After the first dream, she can't shake it off and they start to merge into her consciousness. Soon, she believes that the dreams are actually different realms that she is visiting. Eryn's too scared to tell her family though, she doesn't want to have to spend anymore time in a hospital.

Within the realm, she is quested and the adventure begins. The story takes real-life circumstances within reality, while also diving into the mythical and magical realms of our imaginations. I love the characters and the realms - but I'm biased.