Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 24

(image captured via Google search)
Xylo - Woodland Dryad

She has been recruited by Chernobog, a dark and sinister deity, to start the attack on Nyx and her friends that have banned together and have pledged their help in this war. Xylo reeks of her terrain, she has skin that's texture reminds you of snake skin, but the pattern reminds you of tree bark. Her hair is dark and looks as if it was made from the earth, deep beneath the surface. There is one part within the book that mentions how when she speaks, dirt escapes from within her, as if she was made from the dry earth herself. She is a plague, a vile creature, that has let the darkness consume her. Her nemesis besides Arden, and now Nyx, is water. She nearly has a fear of water... guess she's invested so much within her filth, water would threaten her existence.