Friday, April 25, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 22

(image captured via Google search)

Vesta - Fenghuang Clan

She's short and sweet; she has light pink skin, dark eyes and a round face. Shes a shapeshifting peacock of the Fenghuang Clan under the leadership of Zhou. When she is in her human form she can nearly transform as well, she tends to do different things with her hair. Most of the time though she would prefer for it to be blue, much like the different hues within her peacock formed shift. Vesta acts as the clans scout, even though you might not miss her in a crowd, she still has this uncanny ability to not be seen. When she is shifted into her other form, her flames run blue and green. Her magic is dangerous and can cause much destruction if she unleashes her fiery flames. She may be short and sweet, but if you get on her wrong side she turns into a stealthy assassin. Vesta is a name from Roman mythology, she was the roman goddess of the hearth.

(image captured via Google search)

Vipin - Arduinna Clan

Another Arduinna Guardian of the Light clan member alongside Arden, Diana, Tane, and Shaw. Vipin in Sanskrip means "the forest" so naturally he is a protector of the forests within the Arduinnan Guardians. He has beautiful sun soaked almond colored skin and dark tattered hair. He wields a magical whip and ancient Katar Daggers. Within their clan they are fierce warriors with skilled precision and tactical efficiency. Watching them maneuver is like watching trained assassins in our earthly realm. The Arduinnian Clans have all been trained by different deities through out time. When I wrote the first draft, it was before seeing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (movie) had been released, but since then have thought of his character as a perfect depiction of Vipin.