Thursday, April 17, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 15

Okeanos - Father Water

(image captures via Google search)
One of the more threatening presences within The Greats, Okeanos is a legendary deity. Some say that he has origins from Poseidon and was present for the creation of such creatures as horses and Centaurs. Okeanos is a described as a muscular giant with a deep voice; he's vast like the oceans and his voice resembles the depths of the seas. To look at him would probably cause a shiver to race through your spine. He has black, shark-like eyes and his skin color reflects that of his origins. He is unyielding in his beliefs and gained his chair because of his magical abilities to wield his elements in a mastery form. One has never gone against Okeanos and lived. Much like the depths of the ocean, he has a dark side that can swallow you whole.

Excerpt Going off Dreams About Father Water:

In the iced chair formed a man; he was dark skinned; reminding me of Halia’s just darker. He had the same terrifying eyes though; dark black like a sharks, and no eyebrows. His body was huge, muscular, and threatening. He was bald, the dark blue skin stretched tightly around his body. He too was not smiling.