Friday, April 18, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 16

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Plamen - Fenghuang

He's tall, with black hair, and hypnotic blue eyes. Plamen is of the Fenghuang clan, who are fiery shapeshifters. His shift is a magnificent, huge, black dragon. Plamen has a connection with Nyx, and it challenges her relationship at times. He uses all of his charms against Nyx... he likes to see her nervous and squirming under the hypnotic draw of his majestic, enticing, blue eyes. He's a friend of Zhou's and came willingly for their cause once he heard about her and her extraordinary abilities. Plamen is a rare beast, so he feels connected (in a way) because Nyx is rare as well. He stays close to Nyx, even though she is fully capable of taking care of herself, he feels that need to protect her. When writing Plamen, I immediately thought of Ian Somerhalder, with his dark hair and his gorgeous blue eyes (plus, he's just hot!). 

Excerpt For All in the Hope (Book II)

Plamen spoke up excitedly and said, “I think I’ll fly on my own!” Then he winked at me and started to run.
“Of course … show off!” Aella’s wicked smile filled her beautiful face.
When Plamen morphed it wasn’t like when I saw the other shape shifters. He started to become like smoke, until his feet no longer touched the ground. His mass totally turned to smoke and drifted upward. The smoke turned from the various colors that he had consisted of; slowly evolving to black smoldering substance. The black mass was huge, and then slowly it turned into the massive black dragon that was before us.
I could make out his four claws, and he had a long tail that slithered within the air above us. His body was thick and very muscular. When he flapped his wings, they weren’t the bat looking wings I was expecting; but, gigantic black feathered wings. His eyes flashed open, and they were Plamen’s gorgeous blue eyes, one winking at me again. I couldn’t help but to smile.

(image captured via Google search)