Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 14

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Nyx - Aether Deity

In Mythology Nyx is the goddess of night. Within the Going off Dream realms, Eryn is the main protagonist and within a different realm she is transformed into the Aether Deity, Nyx. When I was researching Nyx I read how Aether was thought to be what The Creator used to create the world. I also read that it was thought that Aether was a gas within the stars. So, putting those two together, I wanted a complex character, she was transformed in a dark realm, she is there to bring light to the darkness - she has been created to do this (and more). Nyx's ability is to produce a yellow mist (aether) that she can wield to her needs... as far as the first book, this is all that we know. In future installments her powers and abilities become more evident.

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Nina - Fenghuang Clan

She is a friend of Zhou, who is of the Guardians of the Light, that comes to the side of Eryn when she arrives in Tartarus. Nina is of the Fenghuang Clan, which are shapeshifting fiery beings. Nina is a shapeshifting fiery orange flaming crane. She is shorter in stature, she has black hair and black eyes, with almond colored skin, she's strikingly beautiful and in her human form she still favors the color orange.

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Nahal - Water Deity

He is someone that you would think didn't like you when you first met him, he has a way about him that tends to put-off people. It stems from his many years of existence and his intolerance of the mundane. However, he seems to come-to-life within the head of battle. His skills are unmatched (maybe by Halia), he comes to the aide of the troupe when they're faced with a good war on their hands. You wouldn't know it, but he has a tender side for females, and has a deeper need to care for and protect them. He has a past with Halia and they like to reconnect ever-so often. He's described as having curly dark brown hair and light eyes. As well, with the water deities, their skin color reflects the color of their habitats.

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Nephthys - Air Deity

She is in the first installment Going off Dreams to aide Aella during battle. She has long black hair, with bangs and dark eyes. She is an air deity and close friends with Aella. As with most deities, she's ancient and is willing to help her friend. Together with Aella, Ilma, and Ilmataur, they form a powerful clan that couldn't be matched. Within the first book, they work together during a battle to take down mythological creatures within the realm and also come to the aide of the injured.