Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 13

(image captured via Google search)

Mother Fire - Hemera

When I was writing for Mother Fire, I imagined a well put together woman, who might be mistaken for a dominatrix. I thought of her as a sharp business woman. Her professional outward appearance could be deceiving though. Her well groomed attire, has a feminine flare to them, and with her well manicured nails and matching lips. Hemera's inner flames produce the appearance of desire, allure, and sensuality. While you might only get glimpses of her black lace underneath her shirt, you know that there is more to what she is wearing underneath. Her cool demeanor is deceptive of the fiery beast that dwells within her. Usually, she is a cool fire that burns constantly and is in control. While, there is an intensity that can escape, and when it does it can be destructive of everything surrounding her. She is a very powerful deity, and let's face it, she gained her chair with The Greats for a reason. 

Excerpt Going off Dreams

In the frozen fire chair, another beautiful woman materialized polar opposites though. She was wearing black slacks with high platform red heals. She had a very nice red button down shirt with a black fitted coat over it. Visibly placed, was a tempting black laced bra contradicting her shirt that displayed little feminine ruffles that stuck out around her wrists and neck. She was gorgeous, too … go figure. She had the same red on her lips and nails, which were well-manicured and short. She had her hair done as well, but it was curled and pulled up by the sides. She had a necklace on too, it reminded me of gold, and the charm looked like a little phoenix. She didn’t share in her companions smiles. 
Mother Hemera spoke; she had one of those voices that seemed strained all the time, “Would you like to start at the beginning of time? We could be here for quite a while. You may forget about your mini-war brewing up down there.” She winked at me.
I just grinned. “No, I just want to start from my time so far, here, in Tartaurus.” And then I took a seat that I must have summoned; either way, I didn’t want to faint or have a weak knee experience in front of them. I noticed that the chair looked exquisite, like different colored gases and tiny stars; it reminded me of the pictures I’ve seen before of outer space.