Monday, April 14, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 12

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Short for Lenora, younger sister to the main protagonist Eryn; in the Earthly realm. While they both are sisters, and beautiful by mortal standards, they have very different personalities. Eryn is more reserved and mature, where Lena is more outgoing and full of life. Eryn has darker tones; brown hair, green eyes, and tan skin. Lena has pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. While it might seem like older sister Eryn is more mature, there are times when Lena sheds some words of wisdom. In the beginning of Going off Dreams, Lena is engaged to be married to her fiance Alex. But before the wedding can commence, Alex exposes his true self and leaves his bride-to-be Lena having to make a difficult choice. 
When writing Lena, I consider a free spirited individual. She is the youngest of two daughters and seems to have more liberty to enjoy and live life. Her older sister Eryn is more introverted, and Lena is extroverted. Within the first installment of the series, Lena eventually moves in with her older sis, to not only give her some security, but to help her sister too. They have a strong sisterly bond and an endearing relationship. Lena is open-minded and I know if Eryn  confided in her about her dreams, she just might understand and believe her sister. 

Excerpt Going off Dreams

“Why did you have to call Mom?” Lena tossed my phone toward me.
       “This is really serious, Lena.” I took a swig of the drink. “What else happened? Have you told Alex the wedding is off?”
       “No.” She grabbed her drink and took a sip. “I really didn’t want Mom to come over, but she said she was if I wanted her to or not.” Lena went over to her kitchen table and grabbed her phone, checking it. “He’s texted me ten times!” She came back to the couch and threw her phone in one of her chairs.
       “So, what else happened … what happened after you finally were able to reach him?” I had forgotten how good cranberry juice tasted; this was a nice treat for me. Nonetheless, I was feeling horrid for my little sis.
       “He called back … a couple times. I answered, like, the fifth or sixth time.” She took another swig of her drink, not looking as tense. “He said that the guys had some sort of pre-bachelor party … that he was wasted last night and spent the night at his buddy’s house.” Having emptied her drink, she placed her glass on the table.
       “So, what did he have to say about the girl you heard?” I scooped up her cup, quickly made two more drinks, and came back to sit next to her again.
       “He said that he crashed at his friend Johnny’s house, and the girl I heard was Johnny’s girlfriend.” She took a bigger swig. “Should I call Johnny to confirm his story?”
       “I wouldn’t.” I had some experience in this department. “I’m sure he wouldn’t break their,” I used my fingers in mock quotation marks, “male code.” I was starting to feel more relaxed; the drinks were doing their job. “I think what this boils down to is trust … do you trust him?”
       Lena’s phone chirped and she retrieved it. “It’s Alex. He asked if he could come over,” She looked at me for some sort of confirmation. “What should I tell him?”
       “What do you want, Lena? Do you want to see him? First things first, you should text him that I’m here and Mom is on her way.”
       “I don’t want him to think I’m some sort of weakling.” She started typing on her phone.
       “You’re definitely not weak, Lenora. Please, we’re here to support you. What do you want to do?” I really wanted her to let him know we were here. One, I would like to see him explain what happened to see if he’s sincere. And two, so I could set the fucker straight.
       After she finished the text, she went into the kitchen and made us two more drinks. “Here, try this,” she said as she handed me a glass.
       “What is it?” I was examining the contents; it looked like some sort of orange juice. Once I smelled it, I knew it was pineapple juice.
                “The Malibu is good with pineapple juice, too.”