Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 11

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Khronos - Father Time

Father Time, when writing him, I imagine someone that has the personality of someone older than what they are. He is constantly checking his pocket watch. I imagine him in a three piece, nicely kept suit. A grandfather like character, sweet, gentle, and kind. He is a chair within The Greats and is the keeper of Khronosis. Khronosis is a form of realm jumping, they are the only entities that are permitted within the different realms. Usually, if someone is traveling from realm to realm and do not possess the ability within themselves, then they are escorted by a member of Khronos' team.

Excerpt Gong off Dreams

There were five thrones that I could see before me. One was made of what looked like trees, woods, and foliage. To the right was one that looked to be made of fire that had been frozen in place. Next to that, was a throne that at the foot of the legs, were delicate feathers, the throne itself was dense and you could just make out some substance that looked like clouds; not like the ceiling and flooring though. On the opposite side of the forest-like throne stood two more thrones. One looked like water; frozen to ice. The throne next to it was interesting, it looked like it was made of some sort of metal; it shone like pearls.
I stood there before the thrones and marveled at the scene, materializing in front of me were the beings that occupied these thrones; the mist and smoke from all around started to take color to it as it floated to its relative chair, the substance took form.
       Sitting in the pearl-like chair was a great man; he looked older with white hair and pretty modern looking glasses. Not what I expected at all, then again, I didn’t know really what to expect. His hair was cut short and styled slicked back, he wore an old fashioned suit, a similar design to the 1940’s, complete with a glorious pocket watch that was connected to his waist coat. He sat cross-legged and looked at me with a smile upon his face.

KiKi & Ko - Weapons

Kiki refers to Arden's whip that she uses in battle. The whip she obtained from her ancestors, the Guardians of the Forests. Ko is Zhou's weapon, it's a magical dagger or axe like made out of jade. Zhou jokes that the Dragon-Phoenix Sword or the Pinyin is like Excalibur.