Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Synopsis of Going off Dreams Book 1

February 26, 2013
Synopsis of "Going off Dreams"
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance
Word count: 94,746
By K.E.Nowinsky

Main Characters

  • Katheryn (Eryn) – leading lady
  • Lenora (Lena) – Eryn’s younger sister
  • Nyx – Eryn transformed within different realm
  • Tobar – love interest of Eryn/Nyx
  • Ryan – love interest of Eryn
  • Arden, Aella, Halia, Avlov, and Zhou – allies of the light
  • Xylo – minion of the dark

“Going off Dreams” follows Eryn, within her ordinary life and the dream realms.  She fights the internal battle of what is reality and what is imaginary.  This internal battle is not the only looming threat.  One realm she struggles with the challenges of every-day-life; trying to pay bills, surviving with little income, and working two jobs to stay afloat.  Soon, her sister’s life comes crashing in and the family pulls together for support. 

Surrendering to these dreams, paves a gateway into a different reality, a different realm.  In the dream realm, Eryn/Nyx is facing the unknown threat.  An escape from the mundane, it is a great mystery, a great adventure.  Within the dark realm of Tartaurus, Eryn transforms into the deity Nyx.  As she has only begun the journey, her quest, as she is drawn to the challenge. 

Within the dark realm of Tartaurus, her allies help guide her toward the light.  She is a missing piece to a proverbial puzzle.  It satisfies the feeling that she was meant for much more within her life. She evolves within her new friends in Tartaurus and is faced with difficulty when her love interest disappears. 

Both reality and dreams have their ups and downs, intense situations mirror themselves, and provide the understanding that there are hero’s in all of us.  Our characteristics and subliminal actions provide a true sense of self.  Eryn faces the challenges of life and her family, whereas Nyx is faced with the looming decision to invest in the quest.