Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spoiler Princess Review

February 28th, 2013

Here is my first review from an unbiased viewpoint.
Let me know what you think - should I take her advice?
Do I stop writing/editing the second book to perfect the first one?
I can understand how editing, fine tuning, and fixing the book cover could benefit the book, reader interest, and ultimately sales. 
I have the story in my head, I feel like I can write - I have never been very good at using the correct grammatical stereotypical formats.  I guess this is where an editor comes in...
I am super grateful for the review and so thankful that she took the time to do this.
Thank you +Taylor Lavati

Going off Dreams Book Review by the Spoiler Princess

Until the next time or the next... dream
~ K.E.Nowinsky