Monday, February 18, 2013

About Me

It was suggested that I write about myself. I have lived in Maryland (I joke & call it the land of Mary sometimes) all my life. I graduated high school in 1995. I have over 20 years of experience working with special needs children/students (I started volunteering when I was 14) with extensive training in behavioral management.
When I was 25 (2002) I was married, the same year had a son by emergency cesarean. He has special needs of his own. I stayed home to care for him the first few frantic years of his life.
After giving birth, I contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis; otherwise known as "the flesh eating disease". The disease left me scarred in more ways then one. I was also diagnosed with (PTSD) post-traumatic stress disorder.
In 2009 I separated from my husband because of his adulterous actions. We were divorced in 2011. We have shared custody of our son.
2012 I received my Associates of Arts degree from the University of Phoenix. I had started the program in the spring of 2010. It was a hard road to travel, but worth the destination.
In 2012 I started dating a great guy, we live together and my son approves. We love to play games, watch movies, and joke around. Oh yeah, I have an Xbox 360 & he has a PS3. My favorite game for the Xbox (besides the Laura Croft chronicles) is Mass Effect. On the PS3, Castlevannia.
We also live with my dog Bryan and my cat Smokie. Interestingly, I had nothing to do with their names! I adopted Smokie about 18 years ago, he's a dark domestic tabby; his nick name is fat cat. Bryan was adopted, for my 30th birthday present, from my cousins rescue. He is a Rotweiler/terrier mix (think miniature wolf hound). They were both given names via my cousins. We also have an outside cat that we've semi-adopted (black cat) named Luna (I did get to name her).
My family lives close by and are very supportive. I have an older sister and two very precious nieces. I was raised with solid morals and count myself blessed.