Sunday, November 16, 2014


I would like to invite you to take part in a COVER REVEAL and BOOK TOUR for my second book For All in the Hope. It is the next installment in the Going off Dreams Series. ARC's are available through the tour if you would like to review and there will be a giveaway as well. Including a signed copy of For All in the Hope, e-copies, a swag bag, and a 25 dollar Amazon gift card.
Thank you SO much in advance (if you decide to help). If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to e-mail me ( Information is below. If you've already signed up THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to working with you all.

For All In The Hope - Reveal Banner

(1 Day Cover Reveal) – November 25th

AUTHOR – K.E. Nowinsky
TITLE – For All In The Hope
SERIES – Going Off Dreams
GENRE – Paranormal, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction

New Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi by K.E. Nowinsky

Immortality Gets Complicated

 (7 Day Tour) – December 9th – December 16th
 AUTHOR – K.E. Nowinsky
TITLE – For All In The Hope
SERIES – Going Off Dreams
GENRE – Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction


TITLE – For All in the Hope
SERIES – Going off Dreams
AUTHOR – K.E. Nowinsky
GENRE – Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction
PUBLICATION DATE – December 9th, 2014
PUBLISHER – Kindle Direct Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Going off Dreams Saga Productions

For All in the Hope picks up right where Going off Dreams (book 1) leaves off. Nyx wakes up in the dark realm of Tartarus without her man next to her in bed. They had Xylo, the wicked Woodland Dryad prisoner until they discover that not only is she missing, Nyx’s man Tobar is missing too. Plus, another ally and friend, the Feung Phoenix Shifter and best friend of Tobar’s, Zhou is critically injured! There is a race against time to find out what happened and to rescue Tobar before those that want to destroy Nyx and her powers permanently turn Tobar.
In the Earthly realm, Eryn is still coping with the fact that she has to leave her family and everything she knows and loves. She struggles to keep the stress of the realms from shattering her realities. As mortal Eryn, she’s a daughter to loving parents, the bigger sister to her outgoing younger sister Lena, who is living with her, and she’s also trying to balance Ryan in her life. After Christmas, Lena’s ex fiancé makes another tragic appearance that will change their fates forever.
Back in Tartarus, Nyx comes head to head with the Darkness that wants to consume her powers. Just when you would think the battle is over, another sinister entity comes forward trying to claim her powers. Meanwhile she’s continuing to build her relationships with her friends and allies she’s made in Tartarus while also learning the capabilities of her powers that the Darkness wants to consume and wield for their dark purposes. Nyx discovers her qualities within the quests and becomes the deity that will bring light to the darkness.

K.E. lives in Maryland, which she refers to as “The Land of Mary”, with her faithful guard dog Bryan, her supportive parents, and their little brat-dog Sampson. She has deep-rooted morals and is very faithful in her beliefs. As a person born and raised in Maryland, she is a fan of the Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles. When she isn’t writing, blogging, or spending time with those special characters in her head, she loves to watch her shows, to cuddle up with a good movie, or to spend time with her family and friends.
“After years and years of my mother telling me that I should us my talents and write, I finally listened!”
K.E. Nowinsky continues writing and plans to further the Going off Dreams realms as she dives deeper into the characters and will produce more content and books. The next scheduled work will be about one of her characters Arden and titled Arduinna: Guardians of the Forest, slotted for April 2015. She is also continuing Nyx’s quests in the next installment: How Otlen Prepares Eternity, expected to release late summer 2015.