Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Many writers come to a crossroads when they decide whether or not to self-publish or to go the traditional route. When I decided to self-publish it was a decision based on accessibility. Either way you go, there is a lot of work involved. I'm getting ready to self-publish book number two and thinking back a lot of things have changed (for me). When I first signed up with Amazon and Createspace I was happy to just follow the instructions and I was just so excited that I was actually publishing my book! Now, I've taken much more time in the writing, the work that goes into the writing, researching, and really spending time in trying to get things right. I even downloaded GIMP 2.8 to create my own banners, teasers, and yes - I've even created my own cover art (which I'm so excited about)!

Teaser #1
One of the things that I've picked up on, since entering into the self-published universe, is that in order to have a successful release it's crucial to sign-up for a blog blitz, tour, or something along these lines. I've been working hard getting together my media kit for the release and launch for book two. There were times when the forward progression of getting the book finished and out there have been stalled (life throws wrenches in every now and again). But, you have to soldier through it and make those steps through whatever life tries to throw your way. A major step for me was booking the Cover Reveal and Book Tour. Now I have a specific date and goals to accomplish and work toward. It's an exciting time around here for us!

Teaser #2

Then, after the release and tour is finished I will jump right back in and continue writing. This year I've set a goal for myself: I want to publish two more works! This might sound crazy, while it might sound right to some, and other might think that I'm still in the slow lane. Either way, it's a goal and in order to be successful you have to set those goals to push yourself. In my scheduling addiction now, I've managed to create teasers for each "Teaser Tuesday" leading up to the cover reveal for the second book in the Going off Dreams saga titled For All in the Hope, December 2nd and the goal is to release the book on or before December 9th, 2014! It will be here before I know it - eek!

What are your opinions on these topics?