Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do all writers experience the highs and lows of the creative mind? I have days where I have energy, determination and I have drive to dive right in and get to work. Other days, I have self-doubt, anxiety and fear that I'll never accomplish my goals. It seems that my fuel is also accelerated when those that are supporting me through this are more interested and give me feed back. However, when it's the dry spell and there is no one but myself to push the card of writing forward, it seems to stall at times. Is this really the cross of a creative mind or do I just lack motivation and discipline?

From what I've read and gathered from other author and writer groups, I'm not the only one that hits a wall every now and then. I don't have any issues with writing-- I could sit down and write for hours! I've always had a crazy imaginative mind. What slows me down are the other aspects of the self-publishing realms; editing, covers, and marketing. I'm still working out the correct formula for me between the different aspects of writing, editing and so forth. I was just wondering what everyone else thought on this. Do you have a certain formula that is working for you?

Before I was writing my entire book and then going back and editing. I think with the next book I am going to write a chapter and then go back and edit. It seems that the latter process is starting to turn my hair white or giving me those silver highlights (LOL). Furthermore, I'm beating myself up because I feel that I keep reading and re-reading with the edits and sometimes either the story grabs me and I'm missing corrections or I'm getting tired of the story; I don't want to get tired of this story because I love it dearly. Do you experience this?


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