Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A to Z Challenge - Day 1

Last year I started the A to Z Challenge with another blog and had so much fun with it I decided to have some fun again this year, here. For this challenge I will be blogging for each alphabet a different book character, realm, mythology, or some other aspect. If you didn't know about the Going off Dream characters, realms, or anything else; you definitely will after the challenge. Enjoy!

Characters from the Going off Dreams Realm

Aella - Air Deity

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She's feisty, flirtatious, and fun; someone you definitely want on your side. Aella is part of The Guardians of the Light (which is defined in the second book, titled For All in the Hope due out late Spring 2014). She's introduced in Going off Dreams and once she meets the main protagonist, Eryn, she's an immediate friend. She's an ally and someone who would go to the end of the realms for her family and friends. She enthusiastic of the adventure that comes with the territory and she is invested in the quest. As an air deity she can manipulate the air which can be very dangerous for those she opposes. She is described as someone that might have the perfect woman figure, not skinny, but not chunky either. Her beautiful ebony skin fits her curves perfectly, think younger Beyonce. She has a flair for what she likes, and is comfortable in too. One minute she might be sporting shorts, the next a mini-skirt. She does prefer her hair short, then again if you had wind whipping around you all the time you would want short hair too.

Arden - Guardian of the Forest

(Image Captured via Google)Arden - Guardian of the Forest
Guardians have been around since the dawn of time, her lineage is a prestigious one, and her demeanor depicts someone of such grace. She would be described as a loyal friend and is close with Eryn, sort of her big sister; protective. She wields an ancient crossbow from her ancestor, the goddess Diana and a magical whip that she named Kiki. As a descendant of Diana, she is a masterful huntress and someone who can lead the war against those of The Darkness. She's empathetic and powerful in her own right. Within her realm, she is responsible for the forest nymphs who, to the naked eye look like sweet forest animals, but to those that know better, they take more homo-sapiens form. Arden's tribe is called the Adruinians, who have been charged with guarding the forests. When another member of The Guardians of the Light becomes a love interest, it throws Arden for a loop and now she has to deal with something she's not use to fighting - herself.

Avlov - White Weiven

(Image Captured via Google)Avlov - White Weiven
In mythology, the White Weiven is also known as the White Witch. Avlov is a powerful witch who manipulates her surroundings for the good in magic, as a White Weiven, she's completely white. A fun factoid about Avlov is that she wears white Converse high-tops, because she values their comfort. Otherwise, she wears white flowing frocks that maches her white flowing hair. Her eyes tend to give her an even more creepy factor, because they are white as well. Weiven's are also knows for their vast knowledge, and hence they use this knowledge toward their magical abilities. Avlov wields a magical wand that can help her with more stressful situations, like when she takes on fully powered Minotaur's! She enjoys her pipe that she utilizes more when she's stressed to take the edge off, along with her special teas. Avlov can also communicate with others without speaking a word; telepathically. Usually those around her look to her for knowledge and guidance.

Aeon - Time Traveler

He's described as having rumbled sandy colored hair and brown eyes. When I think of Aeon I think of a hot, fit, and toned guy heading to the beach to catch some waves. Aeon has a heart of gold and while he can be flirtatious, he doesn't have a clue just how attractive he is; which makes him that more deliciously yummy. When I was writing Aeon I imaged Ryan Kwanten, the Australian hottie that portrays Jason on HBO's True Blood series. In Going off Dreams Aeon is more-or-less assigned to Eryn to help her travel through the different realms. Within our earthly realm we would probably consider this a form of time travel. Within the vast realms it's called Khronosis, it's the inner galactic time space continuum and there are designated manipulators that have the authority to travel through it. Aeon enjoys visiting the earthly realms to learn more about the day-to-day activities. He also a little bit' of a neat freak, but it all adds into his charm and warmth. He's such a lovable character.