Monday, January 13, 2014

2 Lives, 1 Person

Writing Do's and Don'ts  

When I started writing Going off Dreams there were a number of decisions from the start. I had the beginning concept of how the story would start: the desolation of a suburban neighborhood with the uneasy feeling of an apocalyptic scenario. I knew it would start off as a dream, since this is the real-life experience that led me toward writing in the first place.  However, one of the main decisions was the protagonist's name.

How do you choose the name that will continue through an entire series?

Many of the characters within the many drafts of Going off Dreams went through various name changes. Including the main love interest, Tobar. Originally he was scripted as Paul, within the 1st edition there is even an error where Paul is mentioned - when it was suppose to be Tobar. I also was intrigued once I began looking into the different characters and how their name could reflect their characteristics.

Side Note: That's why it's so crucial to have (what you believe to be your final draft) edited by a professional.

Once I started writing, the story formed itself after researching different beliefs and mythologies. I knew that the series foundation would begin with the main character, Eryn, believing that she was having these dreams that were bizarre to her; yet, felt so real. I originally scripted Eryn (short for Katheryn) with the name my mother had originally wanted to give me - Kristyna. It went through a couple different changes before I realized that I had one of my nieces names as a different character, but didn't have my other niece's name anywhere within the story. Then, it hit me - her name is Eryn and that could be short for Katheryn - and it just seemed to fit perfectly.

Have you ever had a dream that you thought real?

Then, there was a bump in the road. After extensive researching, I knew that I wanted Eryn to go through a metamorphosis in her journey in becoming a deity. In doing this, I wanted Eryn to remain Eryn within her earthly realm and then for her to transform into Nyx within the other realms. Yes, along with a multiple name change, there are multiple realms as well... to some this is not confusing, to other's they point it out as too confusing for the reader. But, I would rather like to think that my readers welcome the complexities. I know when I am reading I want action, adventure, and to be entertained. Most of the time these confusions can be avoided with proper reading skills, if you are skimming or breezing through the words then I can definitely understand how this sort of change can be missed and led to feelings of confusion.

Another complication arose when I knew Eryn would be living - essentially, constantly. She is partaking in a realm-jumping adventure where her mind never rests. You can compare it to multiple personalities, although her trait characteristics hardly change, but when time (referred to Khronosis) stops one realm when she leaves it, she is living within another realm. It is that tricky web of the time continuum paradigm. But never fear, there are beings particularly in-charge of such things, Aeon in particular is Eryn's guide while she learns the arts of Khronosis: the conjunctions of time in relations within different realms and the control of it.

Do you feel like you could live dual lives - reality vs. imaginary?

Tomorrow: How to Choose the Right Name

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