Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sneak Peek Kickstarter Project

Introduction Video

Constructive Criticism Welcomed

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This was shot on location where we would like to shoot the new book cover and book trailer... and as we so eloquently stated, "and even more!" If you couldn't tell, I hate being in front of the camera - I'd much rather be behind the scenes, writing - creating. If I remember correctly this took several shots to get right. The first couple were too short (even 30 seconds is too short). Luckily my cousin was able to add a track that we'll use later down the road, and added some things to make it a little longer and more interesting. 

I better find the ability to get comfortable in-front of the camera. As more backers produce results in the campaign process we'll keep uploading new videos about the book, about our visions, and what we hope to achieve - with this project "and even more!" Yes - we hope to continue on to a web-series, and I hope to continue writing.

Behind The Scenes Information

Route 77 Productions is owned and operated by +Monica Krausch. We have been friends since our youth, we're now in our mid-thirties (time has flown by!) and I am excited to be working with her. We both share a passion for the unique and new, so we are looking forward to bringing something totally unique to the table. Monica originally was the owner/operator of Route 77 Photography and was partnered with Locuswitch Entertainment. Unfortunately, she had to dissolve her working relationship with Locuswitch. Which, led her to promote Route 77, and I pray that my series can help her get the start up she deserves (which would be lots of money to get the equipment and people she needs to make her business boom).

It's All In The Family

Interestingly - just about every other aspect of this project is family based. The location is my cousin's back yard (I'd love to have that backyard!). Other parties in this production that are related to me is the lead character, Eryn played by, Morgan Denny. As well as the CGI aspect (Roni Mari Designs, LLC.) and music creator (+Stevie Nowinsky+Wonky Sensitive) - all related to me one way or another. I consider it a blessing to have so many talented people in our family. It's an added bonus that they are so willing to help.  This is why I hope the Kickstarter campaign is a success and funded (we only have 30 days - yikes!) so that I will be able to pay all these good people for their time and efforts.


The project has been submitted and it is in +Kickstarter's queue. I'm both excited and nervous. I'm excited to get this up and running, especially because I have been working so hard on it for so long now, and nervous because I just want this to progress. I want to be able to testify that dreams really do come true!  So, keep your eyes peeled. I'll be posting the campaign as soon as it's ready... until then, you can check out the preview by clicking this link (make sure to leave a comment for me and let me know what you think)