Monday, August 19, 2013

New Review

Following is the official review of "Going off Dreams" by K.E.Nowinsky

This fantasy tale has a main theme that follows a woman dealing with life's trials and tribulations, from the everyday family and life to the struggle of good and evil. Katheryn, or Eryn as she is known, is your average school teacher living a day to day normal life that is till she unexpectedly finds herself having extraordinary dreams; that just might be real.

Drawn into this new world when she falls asleep Eryn uncovers many exciting and sometimes frightening things, such as love and unexpected enemies. With the help of new friends she makes her way through this life finding that she is not as normal as she thought. As her power in her dreams escalates Eryn and her friends have to deal with a very powerful enemy and his allies. In her waking hours Eryn has to contend with family drama, work, and reluctant new relationships.

The book flows with playfulness, stress, action, and just a bit of naughtiness. There are quite a few endearing characters, even of the four legged variety. Nowinsky creates an intriguing mystery that holds the attention. Also adding some interesting takes on old mythologies.

A secondary theme in this book is the bond between sisters. Eryn's relationship with her sister is revealed showing how sometimes what is needed is a little sisterly love. The author certainly was not afraid of tricky topics; tastefully touching on drug abuse, death, and dangerous relationships. Poor Eryn is pulled along trying to juggle not one but two lives.

This story is aimed more towards an adult crowd. I really enjoyed it; the characters are relatable and even intriguing as some of them are Greek myths come to life. I give this book 3 out of 4 stars. Other than the typos and sometimes disconcerting changes from one life to the next it is well written. Overall, a great start to what is a promising new series.