Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update on Volume 2

Now that the A to Z Challenge is completed, I can focus on tweaking the second book in my series: For All in the Hope. I am projecting (praying) that it will launch by the end of this month, as I have stated on the official website for the series Going off Dreams: the series
Have you read the first book? We would love if you would share your honest opinion. Constructive criticism helps me to better understand what my readers prefer. So, if you could shed any light in that aspect I would be extremely grateful.
I thought I might post a little blink into volume 2: For All in the Hope. It might help you connect with the intensity of what is to come:


“I can’t leave you Nyx!” He took me in his arms as the earth beneath us started to vibrate.  Tobar remained steady and I felt safe in his arms.  Avlov’s face was horror struck tears streaked her face.  Tobar’s grip grew stronger; I thought for sure I’d be bruised.  I looked up and could see a massive dragon soaring above us, fire erupting from his mouth.  The Fire-Birds were encircling us, each making their calls, they echoed in my head as I buried my face into Tobar’s chest “you have to go.” 

Until next time or the next... dream ~ K.E.Nowinsky