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Going off Dreams: Character List

Going off Dreams: Character List
March 10, 2013
List of Characters for Going off Dreams: Book 1 Nightdream

Earth Realm:
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Katheryn/Eryn - She is the main character who encounters new dimensions and realms
Lenora/Lena - Younger sister of Eryn who is going through a tough time and needs support
"The Parents" - Eryn and Lena's parent's are supportive and founded in solid relationships

  • Alex - Lena's fiance and protagonist
  • Jake - Lena's love interest
  • Ryan - Eryn's love interest
Tartaurus Realm:
  • Eryn is transformed in the washing den and given the deity name of Nyx an Aether creator
  • Arden - (female) keeper of the forest has a whip and carries bow and arrows
    • Vipin - clansmen
    • Tane - clansmen
    • Shaw - clansmen
    • When my book becomes a movie
      these are the actors that I envision
      portraying my characters
    • Diana - clans-women
  • Avlov - "White witch" (female) also possesses knowledge and can communicate without talking
    • Tobar - love interest of Eryn's a healer and possesses knowledge
    • Hikmat - (male) magical entity
    • Enki - (male) healer
  • Halia - Water deity Eryn and Tobar encounter with the whirlpool (female)
    • Nahal - (male) water deity
    • Ritika - (female) water deity
  • Aella - Air deity (female) that Eryn and Tobar encounter with Halia and the whirlpool
  • Zhou - (male) A fire deity, the phoenix
    •  Nina - fire deity flaming crane
    •  Vesta - fire deity flaming peacock
    • Plamen - fire deity black dragon
  • Aeon - Khronos can travel though dimensions, realms, and time
  • The Lord - God
  • Centaurs of the Light
    • Euclid - head of the centaur clan
    • Cloe - Euclid's wife
      • Fin - youngest of Eculid's and Cloe's three sons
The Greats:

Characters of the Dark
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