Thursday, February 14, 2013


Going off Dreams

Book 1 Nightdreams

The first installment in the Going off Dreams Series


February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day <3


Behind the Scenes:

In 2008 I kept having a reoccurring dream, this apocalyptic scene.  Being a fan of another author, who had mentioned her popular series was based off of a dream that she had; I quickly started to jot down some of my dream.

Although there are only attributes from my dream within the first couple chapters; once I started writing, it took on an identity all its own.

In the book I mentioned how dreams can reflect something that is going on in our lives.  At this particular time, I knew there were problems within my marriage; problems that could not be worked out.  Hence, the subconscious dream of my world being destroyed.

The work that I started was put on the back burner for two years; after the divorce I reopened the creative processes and went to work outlining the following two books in the series.  During this time it was hard balancing working, going to school (on-line), writing, and taking care of my special needs son.  An opportunity presented itself, giving me the time to work on the first book, and look into having it e-published.

I had written the first book in a week.  Originally the main character’s life reflected my own.  When I started working on finishing the book, this past month, I decided to change that aspect; editing a lot out.  This gave way to introducing a new story line and great new characters.  The grammar still needs work; but, I think the story is descriptive.  I know I love these characters, the places, and the adventures.  I hope you will too!


Something that I imagine, in the world of comicon, would be individuals that love my creations so much that they dress up like them.  When I go into descriptive details, I can see it in my mind like a movie playing out, and I hope I convey enough that you can share in the imagination of the characters and realms.


In the coming days, weeks, and months; I plan on blogging about the series, character developments, and the process I went through in creating.  I look forward to constructive criticism in any spectrum.  Thank you for reading. 


Until next time, or the next… dream.